5 Fantastic Ways Coding Reshaped Businesses

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Ever since mankind reached the moon in 1969, the world was introduced to the power of coding and it has changed the world ever since. If code can put someone on the moon, what other applications could it be used for? This is the question that coders constantly ask themselves, and the practical applications have changed the face of business. 

One could say software is the future of business, but that’s not true. The software has already been in the business for the past few decades, and that’s thanks to the benefits it has brought businesses worldwide. Today, let’s discuss how coding has changed the landscape of business, and why it benefits you. With online coding schools and colleges releasing new developers every year, it’s important to know why hiring developers is crucial for your business.


The foremost benefit of coding that every business wants is efficiency. Tasks that would take days of manual labor before can now be done in mere hours. The efficiency of coding is done through automation, streamlining processes, and analyzing huge amounts of data quicker than any human being could. Code has become synonymous with efficiency, and for good reason.

Even learning code is efficient as coding for beginners has become easier over time. More coders become senior developers every year, and they are willing to teach new developers the efficient techniques that they use for their businesses. Code makes every business run like a well-oiled machine.


Before, the most advanced form of communication humanity was capable of was limited to telephones and radios. Over time, communication has become one of the most surprising avenues that coding has innovated. Most movies back in the day would have things like video phones being huge and clunky monitors with limited capabilities.

Modern coding has made video chats possible on devices that can fit in your hand. This has made business communication a non-issue in the modern day. Sure, there may be errors from time to time, but an error now is easily fixable, where a cut telephone line before meant possibly days of business delayed. Now, if your phones are down, there are dozens of devices capable of communicating at your fingertips.

Problem Solving

Code has become the solution for complex problems that businesses have struggled with. We have already discussed efficiency, but coding also makes some tasks that were previously impossible (or at least, incredibly difficult) actually possible. For example, when the world needed a user-friendly PC, coding made that possible through the introduction of GUI (Graphic User Interface).

Now, every home can easily use the computer without a thick manual or complex code review. Other problems that coding has solved include advancements in the healthcare industry, such as bionic limbs and quick testing of diseases. Coding makes problem-solving a lot easier than it has ever been, and chances are, some of your business’ issues could be solved with coding. 


Coding has made security a lot more reliable than ever before. While there’s certainly no replacing a solid lock, there’s so much more that can be done to make your business secure. Surveillance systems are all innovated through code, letting you see your business run from any screen in your office or even your home. Biometric locks also make it so that your authorized staff themselves are the keys.

Coding isn’t just limited to physical security. Firewalls, encryption, and anti-virus programs protect your business from hackers that could steal your data and use it for their own gain. With everything so easily stored and accessible on devices, it’s important for security to be just as reliable and advanced.

Customer Experience

The customer experience was once limited to individual workers in cubicles having to deal with potentially dozens of inquiries and concerns from customers every single day. With telephones, it was only slightly improved, but customer service has had a bad reputation thanks to how inefficient it has been for decades. 

Coding has changed all of that for the better with much more customer service options. Chatbots immediately ask the customer what their inquiries are, speeding the customer service process significantly and getting customers to the proper departments much faster. In addition, social media means interacting with customers has become easier than ever before, and also acts as a pseudo-survey in of itself.


Coding has been used to improve almost every aspect of business, from productivity, efficiency, innovations, and security. The sky’s the limit with how you want to apply code to your business once you set a goal and do your proper research. To stay ahead of the competition, make sure you hire developers who not only know the ways coding has reshaped business, but are open to giving ideas of their own to improve your business.

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