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A web page is basically a document written in HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) that can be accessible in any web browser by a URL(uniform resource locator).

A web page may contain text, audio, video, image, hyperlink to another page, downloadable file etc.

To access a webpage by a user, an internet connection is required.

A webpage is used to provide information or to sell products or services to a user.

For example, you can take the homepage of our website, it is also a webpage.

About me page

See this is my about page and this is also a webpage.

But a webpage and a website are quite different things.

Where a webpage is a single HTML document, a website is a collection of multiple web pages.

Let’s see more differences between a Web Page & a Website.

Difference between a Website and a Web Page?

As I just said that webpages and websites are not the same things.

Both sound quite the same and that’s why people often interchangeably use these two words but there is a difference between these two things. Let’s see what are the differences.

First of all,

A website is nothing but an accumulation of different web pages that are linked together.

Web PageWebsite
A webpage is just a single document written in HTML.A website is a collection of different web pages, linked to each other.
Creating a webpage is much easier than creating a website.Creating a website is not that easy as creating a webpage.
To access a webpage we need an URL with an extension. For example- https://www.scientyficworld.org/p/about-us.html.To access a website it only required a unique URL. For example- https://www.scientyficworld.org/ is a URL.
Creating a webpage needs less time and skills as well.Creating a website needs more time and skills.
To create a webpage, we just need to know HTML and a little bit of knowledge of CSS sometimes.To create a perfect website we need knowledge about Web-Development, i.e. HTML, CSS, JS and many more languages.

But sometimes a webpage becomes a website, we call it Single page website. It contains only one single webpage. Like this one My Portfolio.

How to create a Web Page?

Before taking you to the “How to” part there are actually two types of web pages.

  1. Static Webpage
  2. Dynamic Webpage

To create a simple webpage we need only two languages.

  1. HTML for creating the structure of the webpage
  2. CSS for styling that page

However, we can learn any scripting language such as Javascript, PHP, Python etc. to make the webpage more interactive with more functionalities.

See this a webpage that is made with only HTML & CSS.

simple web page

But I didn’t use here Javascript. And that’s why this is a simple webpage with zero functionalities. It can only show you a text with typing effect and some images and texts, nothing else. If I want to make this page more interactive then I’ve to add Javascript.

You can read our “What is Web Development?” post. There I’ve discussed how a website is created. The process of creation for both webpage and website are the same. But as a webpage is a single page, it takes much less time to create.

So that’s all. Hope this will be helpful to you. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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