Google fixed the missing Drive files on desktop

But how?

Let's find out

Google has addressed a significant issue affecting Google Drive users on desktop platforms. A syncing problem had caused the disappearance of files for some users, leading to concerns and inconvenience. This story delves into Google's response and the steps users can take to recover their lost files.


In recent months, Google Drive users started noticing missing files on their desktop applications. The issue was severe for some, with reports of data loss dating back several months. This problem was not widespread but affected a notable subset of users, causing distress and disruption.

The Problem

Google has acknowledged the issue and provided a solution. The fix isn't as straightforward as a simple update; instead, it involves a series of steps that users need to follow to recover their files.

Google's Response

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Update and Open Google Drive: Users must download and open the latest version of Google Drive for Windows or macOS.

Recovery Steps

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 Run the Recovery Tool: Access the tool by clicking the Drive icon in the menu bar or system tray, then press and hold Shift, click Settings, and select “Recover from backups.”

Recovery Steps

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A notification, “Recovery has started,” will appear if the process initiates successfully. Recovered files will be placed in a new folder named “Google Drive recovery.”

Recovery Steps

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If users encounter issues, they can submit feedback through the Drive app using the hashtag #DFD84 and include diagnostic logs.

Additional Support

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