12 Facts About Mars You Might Not Know

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Hello guys.

Today we are going to give you the answers to some questions on Mars planet.

So packed your seatbelt up and let’s start our journey to Mars.


How many days does it take to complete its orbit by Mars?

Mars takes 687 Earth days. Actually, Earth revolves around the Sun about 29.78 km/s but Mars orbits Sun a little bit slower, 24.007 km/s. That why it took 1.88 Earth years to complete an orbit around Sun.

What is the full name of Mars?

This is a question I found somewhere. So, there is no full name of Mars. But I can tell you that the name, Mars carries the name of the Roman God of war.

Why is in-orbit refuelling required for Mars missions?

Whenever we did a big space mission, the first and one of the major problem is the fuel. And for your understanding, Mars is approximately 353.4 million km away from us, even the closest distance between Earth and Mars is approx 34 million km. So you can visualise that how far are we from our very next planet. That’s why to reach the surface of Mars(Not only Mars but also other planets) it is required to refuel the spaceship. And as the ISS is also followed in-orbit refuelling, so it is quite possible for other big space missions. To cover a long distance

Why we’re thinking that Mars could be our second home?

Actually, there are many similarities between Mars and our home planet. Like-

  1. It is the one and only rocky planet(after earth) that is not too cold or too hot. But that doesn’t mean that Mars lies in the habitable zone. It is too far from the sun to be a habitat.
  2. Although it too far from Sun but there s enough sunlight to use Solar Panel. So producing energy will not be a big problem.
  3. Mars has also an atmosphere, though it is thinner than Earth.
  4. Scientists have confirmed that they found water traces on Mars.
  5. The day/night rhythm is similar to Earth, as it takes 24.6 hours to complete one revolution.

There are still lots of things which we’ll discuss later on in another article.

Terraforming of Mars

Ok, this is a new term. This is basically a hypothetical procedure that consists of planetary engineering. Its goal is to make Mars suitable for human habitation. To know more about this you can visit Wikipedia. Recently, Elon Musk came up with an idea that to nuke Mars with 10,000 missiles to create an Earth-like atmosphere.

What was the name of India’s first space probe orbiting Mars?

It is Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM)probe that was lifted off using a Polar Satelite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C25. It was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota on November 5, 2013.

Why humans occupy only earth and not the moon or Mars?

Ok, someone ask this question and I think it has a clear answer.

  1. Technology: Yes, we still are not enough advance in technology to start living on extraterrestrial planets and their moons. We are not even a type 1 civilisation. For your better understanding, a type 1 civilisation can harness all the energy on a planet from its parent star.
  2. Gravity: Why? As we know that Mars and Moon have very little gravitational force than Earth. it not only decreases our body weight, but also it will be the cause of decreasing of our bone density, which is very dangerous for us. It can make us completely paralyzed.
  3. Lack of Oxygen: Although Mars has an atmosphere it is too thin, and the Moon has no atmosphere at all. So we’ve to hang around with an oxygen cylinder all the time which is not possible.
  4. Solar Radiation: Here on earth, we are safe from Solar radiation because of the Ozone layer and the earth’s magnetic field. but in Mars and Moon, one has a thin layer of atmosphere and another doesn’t have even that also. So we can be affected by solar radiation. and the radiation can cause even cancer. So this is also a big problem which we’ve no solution till now.

We’ll talk about this topic also in another day.

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Is it possible to live on Mars without a spacesuit?

Before talking about that first let us know what is the difference between Mars and Earth. As I told you before, Mars has a gravity of 37.8% less than that of Earth. It has a thin layer of atmosphere. So solar radiation is another concern. Also, lack of oxygen is a big problem. So walking on the Mars Surface without any spacesuit is quite risky and next to impossible. If you try to live on Mars without a spacesuit, then you can survive only a few minutes.

Why Mars is called Red Planet?

On Mars’ surface, there have a large amount of Iron Oxide also known as “rust”. That’s why this planet is significantly Red in colour.

What is the name of the highest mountain of Mars?

Well, Mars is the planet of the highest mountain in our solar system. The mountain is actually a volcano whose name is Olympus Mons. Its height is 24 kilometres, 3 times higher than Mount Everest.

Who made the parachute of the Mars 2020 rover?

NASA has created the parachute. But you might be thinking why the parachute is so important. Well, because this is not an ordinary parachute. This is a supersonic parachute that can carry a 37,000 kg load and it can deploy in just (1/14) a second which is twice the speed of sound. And this made a world record.

First successful Mars Mission

The first successful flyby of Mars was by NASA’s Mariner 4. It was on 14–15 July 1965. And Mariner 9 became the first space probe to orbit Mars on November 14, 1971.

So these are some questions on Mars and I’ve tried to give the answers to them in an easy way. Hope you like it.

If I missed anything or you want to add any point then comment below.

Now I have a question for you.

What do you think when did humans start settling on Mars?

Tell me in the comment box.

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