Problems after installing Ubuntu and their solutions

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This post will get updated from time to time as we find more errors in Ubuntu and their solutions


Installed Ubuntu and get stuck in the problems?

Don’t worry, here we will discuss some common problems a beginner faced after installing UBUNTU software.

But if you didn’t install UBUNTU and are still confused between Linux and Windows, then I suggest you read this-“Why Linux is a better Operating System for programmers” post first. I believe it will help you to make up your mind between Linux and Windows. Ad if you want to install Ubuntu then you can see this article- How to install Ubuntu in Dual boot method.

Now I’ll suggest you to install the LTS version. Because this version is the stable version of UBUNTU.

Here I’m showing those problems that I also faced when I installed UBUNTU for the first time.

There are mainly problems I faced. So I’m showing those problems.

If you are facing another problem then you can ask that in the comment section

So now you’ve installed UBUNTU OS. And the very first problem you can face is-

Touch-pad is not working

It happens mainly with laptop users. when they just installed UBUNTU, their touchpad stopped working.

So how do we get out of this?

Let’s do it step by step

  1. First, open the terminal. If you don’t know how to open it then just do it like this-

    – Click here, and then a window will open like this-

    Then search for the terminal in the search box. The terminal will look like this-

  2. Now write this code there- sudo nano /etc/default/grub Then it asks for the password that you gave while installing UBUNTU.
  3. After giving the password a new screen will be visible in front of you, like this-
  4. Come to this line-

    And write the following code- "i8042.reset quite splash" in the place of “quite splash”

  5. And after doing that, just simply reboot your device.

After doing all these steps your touchpad will be started to work again.

The next problem I faced is-

Software Center is not working

For solving this problem again you have to open the terminal.

Remember, in Linux, whenever you want to solve a problem, you have to use the Terminal.

Now after opening the terminal-

  1. Write this code there- sudo apt install gnome-software
  2. Next, give the password and press enter.
  3. Now you’ll see that some code will run there. When the process stopped, just close all tabs and reboot your PC.

Now you will see a window like this-

There is one more error. That is-

Ubuntu 20.04 video/audio codecs error

So in this case, what happens- you can’t watch any video. Even on youtube and Facebook and the videos that you’ve saved in the folder.

So how to fix this? Let’s see step by step

  1. First as usual go to the terminal
  2. Then write a code-sudo apt update This will help you to update the package repository cache. Because it is required to be updated.
  3. Now, after updating, write this code- sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras This will install the Multimedia codec. Multimedia codecs are essential for playing audio and video files and these codecs are not installed by default in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version.
  4. Now to confirm installation, click [Y] and then press ENTER.
  5. Now there will open a new window/tab like this-

    Just select [OK] and press Enter.

Here they actually ask you to accept the EULA of Microsoft for installing the Microsoft fonts on Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Now just select [Y] and press Enter.
  2. If you don’t want to install Microsoft fonts then simply select [N] and press Enter.

Now once it is completed, then you can play any video or audio effortlessly.

I hope I can fix your problems. If you are facing any other problems then feel free to discuss that with us. It will help not only you but also us to know about new problems.

And if you want to install UBUNTU LTS version, then the original link is here-Ubuntu for desktop

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