5 Things Kids Can Learn From Coding

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When thinking about hobbies and activities children could do, parents often think of a sport, musical instrument, or even some form of arts and crafts. Coding might not be the one that first comes to mind. However, in a world increasingly reliant on technology, it is safe to say that coding should be one of the skills children should learn about. 

Coding is a part of programming. It is much simpler because it involves writing codes into a language machines can understand unlike programming, which includes the development of an entire program making use of those codes, executing them, and more. Given its simpler nature, this makes coding easier for children to understand. 

Math Skills

Coding utilizes Math concepts such as logic and reasoning to ensure that computer commands work. The use of algorithms is also heavily present in coding. This makes coding an excellent way for kids to sharpen their Math skills. Let’s admit it, Math is almost always difficult if not boring subject for children. Kids often struggle to understand abstract concepts in Math, which can sometimes be hard for them to grasp.

But with coding, they get to see and exercise those concepts in a practical manner that is more relatable to them. In other words, they get to apply Mathematical concepts without even realizing it. Not to mention, Math is the foundation for STEM subjects. So, this prepares children when they are taught Math at a more advanced level. Moreover, there are lots of awesome coding websites for kids that they could try out, just to let them get a feel of the basics of coding. 


Most children nowadays grow up comfortable using technology, having been exposed to it at a young age. This makes them more intuitive users with a natural command of technology than we’ll ever be. For instance, you’ll notice how kids are on top of the latest video game or the latest smartphone app even without adults introducing them to it. 

Coding provides children with the avenue to explore their creativity and make their imagination come to life. This will make them view the world around us from a different perspective. Soon enough, instead of anticipating the latest release of their favourite game, they’ll be the ones to create the latest video game, animation, or app. This is not limited to games though as kids may transform businesses. The possibilities are endless once they discover what they can accomplish with coding. 


The thing about coding is that there are times when you don’t get everything right with just one try, whether the website did not render right or there is a problem with the database, which is how coding develops problem-solving skills. It is common to encounter problems, especially at the development stage. That is why it is important not to give up and examine every part of the process to see where the error is. This ability will come in handy because children can apply it outside of coding. 

When faced with an obstacle, children can take a step back from the problem, divide it into small, sizable chunks, and figure out a solution. They will not be easily disheartened because they know there is a way to solve the problem, just as they had learned in coding. This will also make them more resilient and confident to take on challenges in life head-on.  


Coding may be possible to do by yourself but that does not mean it is an isolating activity. On the contrary, coding fosters collaboration as it helps children connect with other children who share a similar interest in it. They could get together and share the latest ideas and concepts they have learned, which also strengthens their social skills. If you have a child struggling to connect with kids their age, coding is a way to help them break down those barriers and befriend others. 

A good grasp of social skills is also important regardless of what field they are in now that more and more people have come to rely on technology. This trait comes in handy particularly when working with fellow programmers and coders, for instance in figuring out which program is the best for programming when working on a website, application, or software. In coding, they get to collaborate with other people early on, which helps prepare them for future interactions whether it be group activities in school or at work.  

Coding Is Everywhere

In an increasingly digital world, coding is everywhere. It is the unseen driving force behind food delivery apps to even your music playlist. It may not be obvious for us but programming and coding is the language in the digital world we live in so much so that coding is the new literacy. To not be technically literate, even with just the basics puts you at a severe disadvantage because of all the things you are missing out on.

That is why introducing kids to coding can give them an edge in the future whether that may be in the form of college internships or job opportunities. This advantage becomes apparent as more and more industries are relying on technology from food, banking, and even healthcare. Essentially, teaching children coding means you are investing in their future. And kids are the future generation. 


Kids can benefit a lot from learning to code such as improved Math skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These skills can be translated outside coding and can be applied in their interactions from school and in life. It also helps now that coding is becoming more commonplace from the way people interact to the way they do business. Coding is one way to prepare kids for the future.

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