Is it really required to know SEO for a front-end developer?

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Front-end development aka Web design and SEO both are correlated and very much needed for a website in today’s world.

There is a very famous quote that fits perfectly in today’s topic.

“A website without visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon.”

-Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

With the help of this single-line quote, today we’ll try to understand why SEO and front-end development are related to each other.

I’ll talk about pretty much everything related to this topic. If I miss anything, then let me know about that in the comment section.

Okay, so before knowing how front-end development and SEO are related, first let’s know what is SEO actually and this works. Then it’ll be easy to understand why they both are related and how.

What is SEO?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a practice of increasing the quantity of quality traffic aka organic traffic to your website or a piece of content and bringing more quality customers or users to your site.

The more your site and content are SEO friendly, the more people will come to your site through organic search engine results.

Now, here I’ve used a word, organic.

What do I mean by organic?

Let me show you an example with screenshots. After seeing this I believe that you’ll clearly understand what I mean by the word organic.

We’ve got a post about Agriculture 4.0 which is now ranked on google at 46th position. But if you searched for “Agriculture 4.0 in 2021” or the heading of that post, our site will appear at the #3rd position or sometimes at the #1st position of Google. Like this-

  1. Here in the image, the top screenshot is an example of organic search because here we’ve searched a keyword or a query in which we got some results. Now if you click on our website’s link from the search result, it will be counted as organic traffic.
  2. On the other hand, the bottom one is an example of a non-organic search, because clearly, we can see that someone has searched for that heading intensionally. So if you click through that link from the result, GOOGLE will count it as non-organic traffic or direct traffic.

Ok, so now I think you’ve got a clear idea about organic traffic.

SEO helps us to get more organic traffic.

Good SEO gives you a better position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and then you’ll get more quality traffic.

How does SEO work?

Well, in the previous section, I gave a little bit of a hint that how SEO works.

Now let’s see what Google says. Read this.

Now there are lots of things that help a content creator to rank on Google, like-

  1. Keyword research
  2. Quality content creation
  3. Good structure of content

and many more.

But it’s also important that your website looks clean and easy to navigate, which is done by a front-end developer. So, a front-end developer should always be aware of this.

Here I’m sharing some of the most important things that should a front-end developer follow while making a website.

Simple user-friendly design:

Simple designs are more catchy. So, if you want to attract more visitors to your website then make a simple and user-friendly design. A simple and clean design will be visually appealing to both visitors and Google. So, try to give your site a clean look.

Remember one thing-

The structure of your site can define your rank on search engine like Google.


Well, it is not a new thing to say. Page loading time is obviously a thing that determines if the visitor will be your user or not.

In this 5G world, everyone needs the result in less than a second. No one wants to waste their time loading a website.

So, a website with great content but with poor page speed is not considered a good page. Moreover, no visitor will engage with that site again.

If your site is loading slowly, then it will not only hamper your traffic but you’ll also lose your potential users.

So, it is a matter that no front-end developer should ignore. And here again comes the first point, i.e. simple and user-friendly design.

A simple user friendly design has a great pagespeed.

If you wanna check the speed of your page then use the great tool by Google, that is-Pagespeed Insight

This tool not only tells you the speed but also gives you directions to improve your site speed.

Mobile friendly

Most of the users around the world search using mobile. So it is important to not only make the design simple but also mobile-friendly.

You can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not from Google Mobile friendly.

Clean Code

The design, content and page speed may be the only thing for a good user experience but it is not enough for Google. For Google bots, your code is the important thing. For Google, your code is your content. That’s why it is important to write clean code.

Now you may think, what is a clean code means? right?

  1. Writing only the necessary code and not using any unnecessary thing that could bulk your code.
  2. Write proper comments before your code every time you write a code.

These are the two points that could give your code a clean look.

Now, these are the things that are also needed for a website.

But all these points come under a front-end developer.

So, clearly, you can understand how front-end developer is connected to each other.

So if you are a front-end developer then also you need to know about SEO.

So, that’s it. If you find any helpful information then share this with your friend as much as you can. That will help us to reach out this type of content to more and more people. And subscribe to our newsletter.

And if you have anything to say then feel free to say it in the comment section.

Thank you.

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Snehasish Konger
Snehasish Konger

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