Understanding Web Development in an easy way

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What is Web Development

Hey guys. Welcome to the Scientific world again.

Whenever we searched for something on Google, we see that there are lots of results on lots of websites.

But who made all these websites?
Should you also make a website?

All these things will be answered here in this article.

In this article, we are going to know about Web development.

What is Web Development?

So, you are currently reading this content on a website named “Scientific World”. This means, obviously, a person made this website and that guy continuously working on this website so that the viewers (i.e. you) doesn’t face any issue while reading an article or doing anything else on this website.

So, all these things have been done by a person and we call him/her a web developer. And the process is called web development or website developing.

Web development is nothing but building and maintaining a website. In this domain, we make a website and maintain it continuously so that it looks great, load faster and work seamlessly. A good web developer makes a website that has all these facilities and get a good user experience. And web developers do this using different programming languages.

Types of websites:

okay, we’ve discussed what is web development. Now, there are mainly two types of websites.

Static Website:

A static website is a single-page website. We called them single-page applications (SPA). Sometimes it has a limited number of pages with some limited data that can’t be controlled by the users. A static website is a showcase of some data. E.g. Portfolio website, the Landing page of any company etc. My portfolio – for example, you can check this site.

Dynamic Website:

A dynamic website is a website in which there is no limitation of pages. Just like a blogging website(like this), the number of pages can increase over time. E.g. On the web, the majority of sites are dynamic websites.

Web developer:

Although we’ve already discussed Web development, let’s explore it more deeply.

A web developer is a person who specifiaclly works in WWWA (World Wide web Application) and has specialization in either Front-end or Back-end or both. If a web developer can do both front-end and back-end development of websites then we call him/her a full stack developer.

Now, what are Front-end and Back-end?

So, the domain web development is broken down into two parts. One is Front-end development and another is Back-end development.

A website is designed in 3 languages – HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Then we have to create a server and a database. For creating a server we use PHP, JAVA, C#, Python, Node.js.
And for the database we use SQL.

Front-end development and front-end dev:

In front-end development, we create or design the outer looks of a website. For example, in this website, whatever design you are experiencing was made by those 3 languages, HTML, CSS, Javascript and this is a part of front-end web development. These are done by front end developers

A front-end developer takes care of the design, layout and responsiveness of a website. This means they work to beautify the website. They take an idea, makes a design and implement it to the website using those 3 languages.

On this website, whatever you are seeing as the menu bar, the dark/light mode, the overall layout, everything is designed by a front end web developer.

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So it is a very colourful domain. You will experience lots of new things.

Till now whatever we made is just the fully functional body of the website. But there are two problems.

  1. It will work properly on the developer’s laptop, but it will not work on any other laptop or device. For that, we’ve to create a server and connect this website to the server.
  2. Now, suppose we want to connect with our users and they can write something if they want to our website. For that, we need a database, where all these data will e stored and only accessible to us.

For these two things, we need backend development of the website. And for these, we use the language mentioned above.

Back-end development & Back-end devs:

Without the backend, our site is a brainless body that can’t store any data, can’t respond to a random user not even discovered by anyone. Cause till now it is on the developer’s laptop.

In the back-end, we put the brain and give the capacity to store the data to its brain. Also, we connect it to a server, so that anyone can access our site from anywhere in the world.

So the work of a back-end developer is a work of responsibility. Any mistake can cause a server error or any other kind of error.

Full-stack Developers:

If a programmer can do both frontend and backend development then he or she would be considered as a full-stack developer.

Working as a full-stack developer needs lots of knowledge of front-end as well as back-end and in this domain, there are lots of things to learn.

Now comes the most important question.


Day by day number of websites is increasing exponentially. New companies are setting up their base and growing continuously. At this moment, the demand for web development skills are too high and also it is a high paying job field. So, web development is a great career option too. Also, it is one of the easiest highly paying fields for which you don’t need a University degree. You can easily showcase your projects and apply for a company or do freelancing. In both cases, you will be paid a good amount of money.

What is a web development company?

A web development company helps you to create great responsive websites and ensure that the website is fully functional and user friendly so that it can rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Now, let’s see some companies in web development.

Comapnies for Web Development:

There are lots of companies that can help you to build a perfect website for your business or startup. Here I’m sharing some of those company names that I know.

Indian Companies for Web devlopment:

There are more than 5000 Indian Web development companies, here are the lists.

  1. Multidots
  2. eSparkBiz
  3. Alpha Information Systems India Pvt. LTD
  4. Capital Numbers
  5. AllianceTek
  6. Brainium Information Technologies

Oh, even we are now making sites for you.
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In other Countries:

Now let’s see some web development companies in other countries.

  1. Lounge Lizard
  2. Intechnic
  3. Eight25Media
  4. SmartSite Digital Agency

So these are some international companies for web development.

Courses on web development:

Courses that will help you most.

30+ Web Projects with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Start Web Development With HTML Fundamentals
Discover Udemy’s featured courses!

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