Why Linux is a better Operating System for programmers

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Hey, are you a beginner in programming?

Linux vs Windows

And also you heard that “Linux is essential for programmers” but didn’t get the answer to why?

Then you are in the right place.

Because today I’m going to give you 10 reasons “why Linux is a better Operating System for programmers” and why Linux is recommended for programmers. And in this article, we are going to do “Linux vs Windows”.

Linux is basic fundamentals and every programmer (no matter what kind of programmer) should use this.

First, let’s know

What is Linux:

Linux is an operating system just like Windows, Mac Os. But it is way more popular and widely used throughout the world. Obviously for some great reasons. In fact, Android and many more popular platforms are made by the Linux Os. Linux is one of the most reliable and secure Os. All over it, Linux is an open-source Os.

Linux basically connects you and your laptop.

But windows does the same, right? So where is the difference?

Linux vs Windows:

Windows also connect you and your laptop but don’t give you the complete freedom to make changes and do anything.

And this is what Linux gives you, freedom. You can change anything that you want. That’s why hackers also use Linux. But don’t be scared about that.

And here comes our first point.

Open Source:

So, as I just told you that Linux is an open-source os. You can edit anything according to yourself. and the best part is you can create your own software according to your own requirements and run that easily. You can see and edit source codes and also you can distribute your version of the source code to others. Cool right? Mac os is also open-source.

The second most amazing point is

No restrictions:

Yes, you heard right. Linux has no restrictions. You can do whatever you want with your knowledge of coding.

Free and stable:

Linux is totally free Os. You don’t have to purchase it from anywhere(like windows). Also, Linux is very stable and lesser prone to viruses. This is why many programmers love to use Linux.

Wide range of distribution:

Linux has a wide range of distribution(versions) for the user.

  3. Manjaro

And many more.


Linux is a power-efficient os. It takes less power than windows to run. This is because of fewer requirements of hardware as well as software. As Linux can be customised, so it doesn’t give a load on your laptop. This means you can run a program much easier than Windows. And if your laptop is not a high-end pc, then also you don’t have to worry about that.

This is also a great thing. If you run a 10 line code in windows as well as in Linux, then in Linux it will run faster. So it is an efficient os.

Easy to use:

Installing Linux is not a big deal for users. You just have to search for distribution and then install it on your computer. Then you have to boot your laptop and only in the booting process, you have to click the correct option. After putting in some little effort your Linux os will be installed. Then you can use it very easily.

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Community Guide:

As Linux is now 26 years old, it has built a strong community over the years. And that’s why if you find any problem, you will get help on the internet. There are many forums and websites on the internet.

Availability of tools:

There are lots of tools and educational applications are available in Linux. You can do photo/video or audio editing. All the basic software is available in Linux. So you need not worry about that also.


As I told you before, Linux is highly configurable os. You can change anything you want on your device.

For example,

Suppose there is an application that has a logo, but you don’t like that logo. So you can change that logo according to you, which you obviously can’t do in windows. You can do even a lot more than this also. As I said there is no restriction in Linux.

Update size:

As Linux has a very easy infrastructure and also it is a very light operating system, Linux is also very easy to update. And unlike windows, it will never take lots of time to update as its updates are not so huge. So, this is also a great thing.

So here are my 10 points on why Linux is better for programmers.

But do we stop here?

You know what I mean😊. Here is a bonus point for you.


Yes for programmers, Linux is the most demanded operating system. Yes, there is Mac Os also, but the thing is Linux is, in most cases, Linux is absolutely free. So, it is the first choice for programmers.

Now let’s talk about some important information.

First of all, Linux is a program-based operating system. Yes it is free, secure, virus-free and many more but it requires one thing, and that is good programming skills. If you don’t have it then Linux on your laptop will be just a waste of your laptop storage. So, the only thing that Linux requires is-

Good programming knowledge from your side. If you have that then you are not only good to go but also can do anything.



After giving you all this information it is now clear I think that-

  1. Linux- It is best for Programmers(No matter what kind of programmer he or she is)
  2. Windows- is best for creators, gamers and normal users.

So here is my opinion. Now many of you can ask,

So which version we should install?

In my opinion, you can install UBUNTU. It is now widely used amongst all beginners as well as intermediate programmers. So you can try that

That is it. Thank you for reading this. If you still have any doubt, then you can ask that in the comment section.

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