Mystery of Aliens: Do they exist?

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Do Aliens really exist! Is there an alien life existing there on some other planet like earth? Have we ever seen them as we have studied in books or watched various sci-fi movies, TV shows, podcasts? Well, we humans are always in a quest to know about extraterrestrial beings. The mere idea that we are not alone in this universe and somewhere out in the universe other intelligent life forms exist which are intelligent enough to communicate with us, has been a hot potato. There has been a lot of unrest in the researches in the past, proving the curiosity of ours towards this matter.

Hey! today we are going, to sum up, and collect the lot some of the theories, news to analyse do aliens really exists.

Einstein theory of relativity

Albert Einstein did incredible researches which include 300 scientific papers which continue to influence the world from the time it was published. Einstein redefined the understanding of the universe. Scientists say that perhaps his greatest contribution to mankind is still to come. ‘Time Travel’.

Wondering what’s time travel?

Well, still not proven but lies as a hot topic of science fiction, defined as travelling between two different points in time.

Imagine if time travel is possible? Imagine if dimensions of time were as similar to that of the three-dimension space we live in?

What if moving to the past or to the future would be as similar to moving left or right, up or down? What if you could go back to the past and change the past? Hey, enthusiasts keep your spirit of inquiry high!

Well, all the above questions arising in your mind can be true one day!

Albert Einstein found that time is not constant, but it’s continually moving forward and we are moving forward with it. According to Einstein time is the fourth dimension together with three-dimensional space it is fused into a single fourth-dimensional continuum space-time. But the secret of time travel isn’t in some exotic form of matter but what we need is a spaceship that could travel as fast as light.

Here, comes Einstein’s theory of relativity, which proves that the faster we travel through space the slower we move in time.

Time Dilation

Let’s assume you were in a spaceship travelling with a speed approximately equal to light to a potentially habitable exoplanet some forty light-years away and for say, you found some primitive life-forms and speed back to earth to share your discovery but finally, when you make it back to earth you will find that all your friends are now very very old. For you, it would be two years of your away from earth but for them, it would be approximately 80. This phenomenon is called Time Dilation. Did this not seem quite petrifying!

Take a deep breath, this is probably not going to happen! Time dilation is not a reality rather it is a more muddled concept for now as travelling of any spaceship at a speed of light is practically impossible till the distant future.

Fun fact

The fastest piloted vehicle if ever created was Apollo 10 whose maximum speed attained was 11000 meters per second.

Then was it the end?

Wait, it’s the Einstein theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity that opens up the way to time travel. We still have warm holes. According to Einstein’s theory, these warm holes are tunnels that link two separate places and two different times and are a shortcut to another universe and another time. Warm holes are also called Einstein-rosion bridge.

But the problem with these notional holes is they are extremely tiny just a billionth trillionth of a centimetre. If we can capture the warm hole then only, we would be able to enlarge it. Well, in the present time all these are way off the base.

Could the Einstein-rosion bridge be the connectivity between the people of earth and the Extra-terrestrial beings?

When we take a look at the idea that there are warm holes and this theory is accepted by some of the brilliant scientists on the earth. What you began to see that all of these pieces are in place to suggest that there is intelligent life somewhere out there in the universe. And there is a likelihood or possibility that we have had contacts or maybe are having ongoing contacts now or maybe can have contacts in future as well.

The UFOs

Now, this was all about the possibilities but let’s now consider some timelines of how this world went on seeing some sequenced incidents of UFOs (Unidentified flying objects) and aliens. I think then it would be somewhat easy for us to decide whether extra-terrestrial exists or not?

In April 2020, last year, the American Defence ministry officially released three videos

of UFOs. These videos were recorded from the infrared camera in the F-18 jets of the US navy. The uniqueness in these UFOs which made people amazed was their speeds and motions which is obviously not possible with any of the aviation tech presents on this earth. Well, it was not a great thing as UFOs were earlier also seen in many countries but it was the first time in 2020 when a country officially released the video of the phenomenon.

World’s UFO Day

Important to mention the USA had earlier launched extensive researches from the year 2007 to 2012 and had spent an amount of about 168 crores. This gives us chances that may America has some vital info on the aliens. Time and now from one or the other place on earth we are not unheard of the springing up of unidentified flying objects or aliens in the sky. In fact, to mark such incidents of appearing of UFOs and aliens around the world 2july is celebrated as World’s UFO Day.

Timelines of incidents related to Aliens in the USA.


On 24 june, 1947 Kenneth Arnold a famous businessman of the USA saw 9 enigmatic flying objects in the sky.

And after many such incidents in the USA, the US air force in 1948 launched a Project Sign to do researches on such unknown events.

After that from 1952 to 1969, another project named Project Blue Book was launched. This project did researches on about 12000 such incidents descended in the skies at that time.

There’s also a place like Area 51, the US air force military installation located at groom lake in Southern Nevada, which the world speculates as to a centre for researches on UFOs and Aliens. But according to the US government, it was confirmed in 2013 that this place is used for flight testing facilities.

Well now let’s go through a timeline of some startling incidents in India.

Pre-historic era-

Pre-historic rock cave paintings found at Charama, Kanker Chhattisgarh state depicts human figures wearing suits similar to modern-day space suits and drawing similar to flying saucers.


On 15 march, New Delhi, 25 members of a flying club saw a cigar-shaped object of size about a hundred feet long. The object hovered in the sky for some time and then vanished.


On October 29, a fast-moving object was spotted at 30 degrees on the eastern horizon of East Kolkata between 3:30 and 6:30. It was spotted by many people and hundreds gathered along the E.M. bypass to catch a glimpse of the UFO for triggering a frenzy.


Residents of Mogappiar, Chennai saw five specks of orange light, which was also an incident that left unidentified for an indefinite time.

14 August soldiers of the Indian army observed an unidentified flying object over Lagane Kher Area, Ladakh.


A series of pictures of sunset in the Rajajipuram area of Lucknow showed some unknown aircraft in the sky which could have been UFO.

Things are not limited to this timeline, mystifying events keep taking place at different places at different times in the world and in this time of the internet we often see such news or maybe videos which is either reality or rumour.

Well, for now, nothing could be said about aliens and UFOs for sure but you see, the world is full of mystery!

Stephan Hawking’s Prediction

According to the great scientist Stephen Hawking, as he wrote in his last book of his life if for some coming time Aliens meet us, they would, of course, be superior, more intelligent than the human race, and thus this meeting could also be the end of the whole human race.

For now, I leave it up to you to decide whether extra-terrestrial beings exist or not?

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