Why is the Light so slow?

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Do you mean the speed of light is slow? Are you joking?

No, I’m not. Yes, it is true that the speed of light(299792458 metres per second) is the maximum speed we can determine by equations as well as practically. It is the highest speed, we can feel. 

So, today we are going to talk about this.

So, in our observable universe, there is no doubt that light is the fastest travelling object. But now think of yourself as you are in a world where some bacterias are doing a race competition. I know it is a very bad assumption😂 but just think for once. Think that they are inviting you for a race. Now, what will happen? Obviously, you will win. But if you noticed then you can see that you are too fast than them.

Actually, the highest speed of bacteria is some 𝜇m. And you are way faster than them. So, they will assume you as the fastest.

Similarly, we are like those bacteria and light is way faster than us. That’s why we think that light is too fast. You can say that why I didn’t compare an insect let say an ant. But that will not help you. Because the maximum speed of ants (recorded ) is 855 millimetres per second i.e 800 km/hrs, and the highest possible speed of a human being is 64 km/hrs. Even Usain Bolt’s top speed is around 45 km/hrs. So you will be a bit more confused.

So, after all of these did you find out what effects this?

This is the scale. Yes, when we compare the light’s speed with our speed it seems too much. More generally when we measure the light’s speed and measure the time taken by it to travel from one point to another in our small earth, it seems to be very fast.

For understanding, 

The distance between earth and moon is 384400 km. So if you want to send a message to the moon by light speed, it will take about 1.3 sec. Very less? 

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Ok, no problem

The light comes from the sun to our own planet, the earth takes around 8 minutes to reach the earth’s surface. That means the sun we can see in the sky is 8 minutes before the sun. This means the sun we see at a time, the sun is already changed.

Quit difficult to understand?

Ok, let’s see the next example-

The distance from our earth to our closest Galaxy which is Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light-years. That means if we want to send a message to our closest galaxy, it will take 2.5 million years, and when an advanced civilization (if there is any) receive our message, most probably our earth will not exist anymore. But if we are in existence and they also replied to our message, it will take another 2.5 million years to reach us. So, if you send a message to Andromeda Galaxy and if an advanced civilization reply that, then it will be received by your great… great-grandson or daughter😜😆. 

Now, I think you can relate that why I said that light is slow. 

See, again there is no doubt that mathematically and practically we can achieve the maximum speed which is of light. But though it is not that fast in space.

So that is for today. Hope you understood my perspective on this topic.

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Thank you.

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